Livraison offerte dès 80€ d'achat ! (hors articles volumineux & valable en France métropolitaine uniquement)

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CHAP'TI Déco Uses QR Codes to Enhance the Customer Experience

CHAP'TI Déco is a concept store that sells a variety of home decor items. The store is committed to sustainability, and all of its products are made from 100% French materials. CHAP'TI Déco also uses QR codes to enhance the customer experience. QR codes are a type of barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone. When a customer scans a QR code, they are taken to a specific website or app. CHAP'TI Déco uses QR codes to provide customers with more information about their products, as well as to offer discounts and promotions. For example, one of CHAP'TI Déco's QR codes leads to a website where customers can learn more about the materials used in their products. Another QR code leads to a page where customers can enter their email address to receive a coupon code for a discount on their next purchase. CHAP'TI Déco has found that QR codes are a great way to engage with customers and provide them with a more personalized shopping experience. The store plans to continue using QR codes in the future to improve its marketing and customer service efforts.

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*hors produits volumineux